How are our fabrics sold?

You can choose your length required. 

For quilting cotton, quarter metre can be cut as Fat Quarter or Long Quarter.
For dressmaking fabric, quarter metre will be cut as Long Quarter

ONE Quarter metre in FAT quarter piece measures approximately 50cm x 55cm.
ONE Quarter metre in LONG quarter piece measures approximately 25cm x width of fabric.
ONE Half metre piece measures approximately 50cm x width of fabric.
ONE 0.75 metre piece measures approximately 75cm x width of fabric.
ONE 1 metre piece measures approximately 100cm x width of fabric.

If more than ONE is ordered, you will receive a CONTINUOUS LENGTH.

Can we supply fabrics in continuous lengths?

Yes, unless otherwise stated, all multiples quantity purchased will be sent in one continuous piece.  

What is a 'fat' quarter?

A fat quarter is a quarter metre of fabrics, cut to about 50cm x width of fabric.  Please see the diagram below.